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Five Star Reviews for The Spider Trilogy


Balls of Leather and Steel

★★★★★ A must read for anyone who loves historical fiction!  Great story, awesome action. The author's intricate details about the inner workings of resistance groups is amazing. I can't wait to read the next 2 books!


★★★★★ Suspense, thrills and cheers... What more can you want?  A fast paced, action thriller set within a very sobering background of Nazi occupied Poland. Butler cleverly introduces us to a part of history perhaps not known as much in the western world. Within that context, we get introduced to new traditions, folklore and heroes, that at least I have never come across. If you are up for a fun read, full of action, history, suspense and thrills, Balls of Leather and Steel is strongly recommended. I only wish I could get this book in Spanish so I could send it as a gift to my other.



A Gordian Web

★★★★★ A great adventure.   Guy Butler does a great job of keeping me glued to the pages in the thrilling WWII adventure. I couldn't put the book down. I can't wait to see what is next for the Spider!



★★★★★ Lots of entertainment.    This is the second book in the trilogy and I can't wait until the third is published. Not exactly a continuation from the first book and it could stand alone but I would recommend reading in order. Very entertaining and reads very well.


The Final Fandango


★★★★★ Don't Mess with the Spider!  Butler's books illustrate how old grudges die hard with a large pool of characters and places that stretch to two continents. As with his first book, I did some background checking and found that the events and places are real and the story line very believable. The book flows well and the characters are finely carved into this story of deception, revenge, politics and a few missing knee caps. Family ties, loyalty and brotherhood are pitted against some of the worst characters in history. Often times, heroes do their work quietly and in the shadows. The Spider delivers in The Final Fandango.

★★★★★ A fantastic culmination of the trilogy. A real page turner. The character development is fantastic without bogging down the story. The story surprises and keeps you wanting more. Fun, romantic but most of all adventurous.


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