Guy Butler at home in Orlando, Florida, wearing the Kilkenny tartan of  his family's ancestral home in Ireland. The entire outfit was made by MacGregor and MacDuff in Glasgow. Moxie, at right, apparently does not approve.

GUY BUTLER  grew up in Belfast, Ireland, where he spent his youth playing soccer all day and bass guitar in the ‘Johnny and the Teenbeats’ band all night.


Despite the resultant horrific grades, he managed to get accepted into Queens University’s College of Architecture, where he played soccer for the Northern Ireland national colleges team against Wales, Scotland and England.


Guy currently owns a boutique architectural firm that specializes in golf resort design all over the world.


The Butler family lives in Orlando, Florida.

★★★★★ for A Gordian Web


It had me cheering; it had me crying. Sometimes at the same time. One of the most inspirational books I have ever read and the research is astonishing.

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